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Hopper Silo 16t

Hopper Silo produced by our company is the latest generation product. It is cylindrical tank with a conical funnel at the bottom of the structure. Hopper silo is an amazing place for the storage of many kinds of plastic materials, pellets, grains and more.

Hopper tank is equipped with an inspection hatch on the roof, outside ladder and a slide gate. Silo funnel from top to bottom is covered with a corrugated sheet that provides the structural stiffness and resistance to any dents.

The floor is covered with concrete, which ensures cleanliness and sterility in the middle of the silo. Hopper silo is designed to work in harsh conditions, corrugated sheet reflects the sun’s rays, which prevents overheating. Silo’s loading is highly efficient thanks to the patents of our company. Maintenance costs are low and the maintenance process is very simple.

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Silo price: on request

Installation/Montage: on request

Amount: on request

Lead time: max 4 weeks

Delivery: 1,14 Euro/km


Capacity: 16 tonnes of grain

Volume: … m3

Diameter: 3,1 m

Height: 5,0 m

Foundations: 4 x 4 m tr. 40 cm


Standard Equipment: ladder + manhole top + slide gate

Additional Equipment: loading conveyor (285 Euro net)


Loading with: basket, loading conveyor, basket, intake hopper

Unloading with: unloading conveyor, loading conveyor



Silos 5-25t